IMG_6504-krysphotos-w-largeHello, I’m Randon.

That’s Randon with an N, not ‘random’with a M.  It’s not a spelling mistake – it’s my name.  And no, you’ve probably never met one before.  Aside from my father, neither have I.

I’m gay and originally American.  I’m British now as well.  I grew up in rural westerpennsylvania-thn Pennsylvania, think the Midwest not Philadelphia, before going to Cornell University in upstate New York and then moving to New York City where I spent ten happy years, many of them in the East Village, making wonderful friends and eating terrific food.  Food is a passion – others are cycling swimming and jujitsu, to work  off the food.

I moved to London for work a while ago and have made it my home.  I’ve lived here long enough to make a bad habit out of mixing my British and Americanisms so please forgive any mix-ups in my writing.  I like to refer to it as SIE, Standard International English.

This blogging thing is new to me so please bear with me, I’ll get better.  Suggestions always welcome.