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Review of The Fields

The Fields
Kevin Maher

Told in the first person from the view point of 13-year old Jim Finnegan The Fields is a coming of age novel set in 1980’s Ireland.  The period detail is impeccable.  It is not a coming out novel.  One of the central plot points is that Jim is raped (no sugar coated “molested” here) by the parish priest.  The priest is a paedophile.  Jim is straight.  He has girl problems of his own, and family problems; five older sisters, a sick father, a worn mother – though refreshingly for a family tale set in Ireland no one’s problem is drink.

So far, so not gay. Continue reading

Read GGR’s review of The Unknowns

Review of The Unknowns
Gabriel Roth

The Unknowns – a straight Good Gay Read.  Yes, while  it’s set in San Francisco, it’s basically a boy meets girl story – though the boy does have a well-balanced lesbian friend. I’m featuring it because I believe the main characters struggles will speak to many gay people and because as a literary character his point of view is fresh and interesting. Continue reading