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Review of Arctic Summer

Arctic Summer
Damon Galgut

Brilliant!  This should be on the top of the pile of books on your nightstand.

Not only is the writing clear and compelling but Galgut brings EM Forster to life as both a writer and a gay man trying to find love, companionship and his place in the world.

Arctic Summer refers to a real unfinished Forster manuscript but could as easily refer to the complicated relationships he has to the men he loves.  The story takes a little while to get going but stay with it.

Is it  a Good Gay Read? Yes, emphatically so.

Best Line: “I have loved,” he told them. “That is, I mean to say, lived.  In my own way.”

Number of shirtless men on the cover: None and it doesn’t need any.

Movie it makes you want to watch: A Room with a View

As always, I encourage you to support your local library or bookshop but if you are going to purchase it online then…