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A Place Called Winter Review

A Place Called Winter
by Patrick Gale

A Place Called Winter is a rather romantic gay love story – though you wouldn’t know that from reading the back cover, or even from reading the first chapter of the book, unless you automatically assume that anyone undergoing immersion bath treatment in an asylum in the early 1900’s is doing so because they’re gay – which may be a safe enough assumption. Continue reading

Green Carnation Prize Short List



The Green Carnation prize short list is out.

Having to choose between the only two I’ve read, A Place Called Winter and Mrs Engels, my vote would go to Gavin McCrea for Mrs Engels.

There are a lot of similarities between the books as both are based on real life historical people and both books are told in the first person. In both cases the author fills in an interior personal life where the historical record is sketchy. The writing in each is a pleasure to read. Continue reading