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Her-story History


What Was Gay

J. Bryan Lawder has written an interesting article for Slate on the current debate about how much of gay identity is based on sexual attraction and behaviour v. how much of it is cultural. He includes a history a brief history of modern, and western, gay identity.

It’s a bit daunting in length but if you think of it as the Cliff Notes version of Andrew Solomon’s Far From the Tree you’re realise you’re actually saving time by reading it – like when you saved money by buying those shoes that were on sale…

Even More Romance

I recently reviewed Best Gay Romance 2105 for So So Gay.  You can read that review here.

My favourite story in the collection was To Dye For.  The author Jay Mandal has answered a few questions for me here.


Did you have a particular inspiration for this story?
I’m afraid I can’t remember. Perhaps it was the title or jokes in the same vein. Jokes, of course, can be problematic if the reader isn’t from the Britain.

Your story is told almost entirely in dialogue. Since the characters are communicating in person, it feels almost like a counterpoint to how many gay men at first meet and communicate today, which is by text or app.  Was that your intention?  Were you at all influenced by how people communicate when not in each other’s physical presence?
This was mostly written in 2007, before texting became so popular. I don’t send texts – I don’t have a mobile phone. Another story of mine, Atlantic Drift, begins with an exchange of e-mails, progresses to phone calls, and then finally the two characters meet. In general, I’ve found it difficult to write descriptions of protagonists, and much easier to ‘hear’ what they say.

You can find his books on Amazon.

Review of Hero by Perry Moore

Perry Moore

Thom Creed, the hero of the title,  lives in a world where super heroes are real and you can apply to join their  league but just as real are the problems he has with his father and with coming out.   How he solves his problems, learns to control his super powers and finds his super boyfriend make up the plot  of this good gay read.   Comic book fans will particularly appreciate the host of superheros and their powers that Moore has created to people his world.  There’s a terrific fight scene at the end too. Continue reading

Thanks to a Beautiful Lesbian Love Story…

New Yorker lesbian marriage

…and a 5-4 vote in the Supreme Court, gay marriage became, if not the law of the land, at least a possibility throughout the U.S.

I started this article expecting a tale of a court battle and ended up swept away by a love story.

Edith was more than just a good wife, she was
The Perfect Wife and the legacy her love has left will live as a testament to it.

Going Trans-Atlantic for Transgender

New Yorker original

Two interesting articles on transgender issues from the New Yorker achives – free for a limited time.

About a Boy from the March 18, 2013 issue

Is there such a thing as too young to be trans? Read this before trying to answer . No, really, read this.

(and note the important role a book played in Skylar’s self identification process)

What is a Woman? from the August 4, 2013 issue

If you weren’t born a woman can you ever really understand what it’s like?  Does anyone have the right to deny your identity?  And what happens when two groups seeking escape from oppression oppress each other?  Some very interesting questions are raised here.



Game of thrones

George RR Martin recently told the Guardian (spoiler alert for this article if you haven’t watched Season Four yet) that there wasn’t more explicit gay sex in his series Game of Thrones because none of his many principal point of view characters were gay and gay sex wasn’t integral to the plot.  Makes me wonder who creates the characters and plot, but then I have a number of issues with this series that go well beyond whether there is enough gay sex in it.   Stick to the HBO series if you want an ending (happy, gay, or otherwise).

The New Yorker published a good article in 2011 on Martin, his writing process, and his relationship with his fans which you can read here.

What’s GLT and Read all over?

Gay, Lesbian and Transgender articles in The New Yorker!

The New Yorker magazine publishes some of the best long form reporting, personal accounts and fiction and for a limited time  they’ve opened their entire archive for free download.

As a big fan and a long-time reader  I’ve gone back and selected some of my favorite articles on gay, lesbian and transgender issues to share.

David Sedaris writes about his life and his stories are regularly published in The New Yorker.  Every few years they are then collected and published in book form which inevitably become best sellers. Continue reading