Frequently Asked Questions

Who reads the books?
The books reviewed have either been read by myself or the guest writer credited or in cases of sponsored reviews the text has been provided by the author themselves or their publisher.  These will be clearly indicated.

Can I suggest a book for review or inclusion in a list?
Absolutely, I’m always looking for good gay reads.

Do you review books with lesbian, transgender and bisexual characters?
Yes and I’m happy to accept guest reviews of books with these types of characters as well.

Do you review books that are e-book only?
Yes, and I will try to note that in the review so that readers are aware.

Are you paid for your reviews?
No, not if I read the book for my own pleasure and review it. However, since I can’t read all the books with gay characters if I’m approached by a writer/publisher who wishes to advertise their work I am going to start accepting sponsored posts/reviews which will be clearly noted as such. If you are interested in a sponsored post please contact me.  Charges are minimal. I just aim to cover the costs of maintaining the blog.

What if I don’t agree with your opinion?
You may not, and that’s your right, please feel free to comment.  I encourage healthy debate and enjoy hearing different viewpoints.