Mission Statement

Good gay read is here to help you find good books with gay characters that don’t leave you feeling worse about yourself when you’re done than when you started.

It’s that simple.

I wasn’t born into a gay family.  Most of us aren’t.  We have to go out and find people like us, build our own families.


One of the ways we do that is through reading.  For many people a gay character in a book may be the first gay person they’ve ever met.  That gives the writer and the character the opportunity to be a profound influence.

When I first started looking for gay characters in books they were hard to find and when I did find them I was often disappointed; they led tragic lives and came to miserable ends. I started wondering how I was to make it in the real world if fictional characters couldn’t make it in theirs.

But I didn’t give up and every once in a while I came across an inspiring character, a positive role model, people I wanted to include in my gay family.

I want Michael Tolliver to be my uncle.

Good Gay Read is designed to help you find books with gay characters; books that make you feel better about yourself and hopeful about the future, books that make you think, that challenge and inspire you that expose you to how other people have lived their lives – real or imagined.

I want Louis and Lestat to be the gay couple next door.

Television, film and YouTube are wonderful tools, and I applaud the rise of queer visibility in them, but when it comes to learning about the internal struggles or adventures of gay life I believe the written word will always prevail because only through the written word can you get inside someone’s head, hear what they’re thinking, see through their eyes.  Reading is private, personal, you do it at your pace in the place of your choosing.

I want David Sedaris to be my brother-in-law.

I review fiction of all genres as well as non-fiction, e-books and graphic novels.  I review books by gay writers as well as non-gay writers.  And I’ll review books that don’t appear on gay book lists because the main character isn’t gay or the book doesn’t deal with a “gay” issue.  After all, we live in a world where even if our rights are protected, which is certainly not always the case, we will always be a minority and observing how we fit into the story when we’re not the main character can be just as enlightening and enjoyable as a good policeman meets fireman coming out romance.

I want to wake-up next to Alexander the Great (I assume there was a reason they called him great.)

There have always been men who love men and women who love women.  There are others.  We have a history.  You have a family.

I want to read a good gay book.  Do you?